Academic Decathlon

The Academic Decathlon Team competed in the Academic Junior High Decathlon on last school year at the Los Angeles Sports Arena with 115 other schools in the Archdiocese. They competed in 3 separate events, the Logic Quiz, Individual Tests: including Math, Science, Literature, English, Current Events, History, Fine Arts, and Religion, and the final event, the Super Quiz, consisting of Science, Literature, History, Religion, and Fine Arts.

Last year’s team did the best ever for the Religion and Fine Arts portions of the Super Quiz, the 10 superstar students who competed with class, style, and a bright enthusiasm. Thank you Ethan Cruz, Jacob Rose, Zoltan Hargitay, Bradley Noble, Rebecca Troescher, Madeline Tupy, Madeleine Biscaichipy, Leanne Kuhn, Esteban Sanchez, and Elysee Vielma! The future of the Academic Decathlon team looks bright!

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