Annual Giving Fund

The St. Rita School Annual Giving Fund – A Commitment to Christ – A Commitment to Excellence

Your tax-deductible donation is more than just financial support; it is a powerful statement to the entire community that you are a partner in our mission to educate our students to become responsible well-educated Christian citizens. Please donate today by using our online donation form below. Your donation will be processed, securely, through PayPal.

A Few Reasons to Support St. Rita School

  • All donations directly benefit the students at St. Rita School in grades Jr. K thru 8.
  • St. Rita School has a 90-year legacy of Catholic Faith through prayer, learning and stewardship toward the Church and world community.
  • Supporting a Catholic education ensures the future of our Catholic church.
  • Catholic school students’ achievements are the result of self-discipline and parents’ choice to pay for a Catholic education.
  • 98% of our graduates attend Catholic high schools
  • 83% of all Catholic high school graduates go to college.
  • We offer affordable tuition so that all children may have the advantage of a private Catholic education.
  • Tuition only covers approximately 64% of the cost of educating each student.
  • St. Rita Teachers are highly qualified individuals who choose to teach in a Catholic school.

We will be deeply grateful if you remember us in your Will or Estate Planning.
Ask your company if they have a matching gift program. They will match your donation to the school, dollar for dollar.

Online Donation Form

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