Celebrate Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools Week January 26 –31, 2014Catholicschools2014

Join us on Sunday, January 26th from 10:00 am -1:00 pm to learn about St. Rita School 

10:00 am Student Led Mass and School Choir

11:00 am Hospitality and Welcome in Gara Hall with tours of the classrooms hosted by teachers, students and parents

Celebrate the  benefits of Catholic education during Catholic Schools Week. The focus on Faith, Knowledge and Service are truly dividends that are beneficial for life. There’s no better way to invest in a child’s future.  In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, students learn responsibility—and how to become persons of character and integrity. High achievement rates, high retention rates, high moral values and high student and parent satisfaction are the distinctive marks of a Catholic school. “Our children will be the beacons of wisdom, they will be the architects of lasting peace, they will surely become the Ambassadors of Christ to our World”.

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