Drama Club 2012-13 Year in Review

The St. Rita Drama Club enjoyed a tremendous year. Starting with one of their most ambitious productions to date. A two-act version of the Broadway smash, Wicked… or as we called it…

Something Wicked! Led by veterans of the Drama Club—Natalie Gohrick, Tess Gauthier, Leanne Kuhn, Tess Fundter, Rebecca Troescher, Makenna Maucher and Madeline Tupy—the troupe set out to defy gravity… and they did it in spectacular fashion. Rounding out the cast was a group of new and returning players: Jack Love, Sharbel Challita,Natalie Khraich, Erin Simone, Elysée Vielma, Ali Nolan, Isabella Zuniga, Chloë Hodge, Cassie Pichardo, Charlie Hardy, Allure Shurney and Claire Lewis.  If you didn’t get a chance to see this great show… they’ll be back next fall with another exciting full-length musical!

The ‘Junior’ Drama Club presented Disney’s Jungle Book Kids in the spring. This great cast of younger players was led by some of our upperclassmen. The play included all of the great Disney music and was a fast-paced one-act that proved to be a great hit!

Drama Club enjoys the generous support of many St. Rita families that donate time, money and resources that make our productions shine. We thank you all! Below is a list of Angels and Archangels that have donated all of the above… and more… Thank You!!


  • Kuhn Family
  • Gohrick Family
  • Brady Family
  • Samerjan Family
  • McCreary Family
  • Nancy Walsh
  • Dyer Family
  • Richard and Martha deBlois
  • Hardy Family
  • Lodolo Family
  • Challita Family
  • Vielma Family
  • Simone Family
  • Johnson Family


  • Hurtado Family
  • Pondo Family
  • Mark and Mary Romejko
  • Trish Perez
  • Maureen Usle
  • Glenda Miner
  • Rita Kantrim
  • Fundter Family
  • Gezalyans Family
  • Love Family
  • Nofal Family
  • McFaul Family
  • Nardoni Family
  • Maucher Family
  • Grandparents of Chaz Cepielik
  • Johnson Family
  • Taylor Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tobin
  • Roxana Verano
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gustafson

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