Halo Lunch Program

Available for 1st -8th Graders

Halo Lunch Program

St Rita’s school is pleased to announce that parents can pay for and order online a healthy and delicious lunch that will be delivered fresh and directly to your child each day at school. Denise Puertas along with Donnie and Maria Bitonti have created a new hot lunch menu called Halo Lunch Program. We are extremely excited and have been working very hard all year round in order to reach one goal: to provide a delicious, fresh and healthy lunch for your kids. Between Donnie(from the Original Domenicos in Pasadena) and Denise’s expertise in cooking and baking and Maria’s exceptional service with a BIG smile we are dedicated to please our families and children at St Rita School.

We believe we can all agree that the well being of our children always comes first, with that said, the health, growth and nutrition of our children is a top priority, therefore, we are extremely grateful that you have welcome us with this opportunity. We strive to please the kids and families at St Rita School with nothing less than fresh ingredients and a delicious warm lunch meal.

To get started please visit our website: Halolunchprogram.com

If you have any questions please contact:

Denise Puertas at baseballmom711@sbcglobal.com or 626-827-9992
Maria Bitonti at mariab_halolunch@yahoo.com or 626-497-1881

Let us hear from you! Please email us with any suggestions you have for meals.

Reminder: For returning customers: Make sure your child’s grade is updated on their profile on the website.

Coming soon: Gluten Free Pizza

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