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Magazine Sales-2015-16

Online Magazine Sales are growing dramatically each year to help our school raise funds. Thank you for looking at this method of making your purchases. Of course, you can still order from the catalog which will be arriving home following our kickoff assembly in the fall.  Online purchases save time for our volunteers as internet orders are processed with little effort on our part. In addition, online orders tend to be several times more accurate with regard to correct addresses and magazine code number clarity and the magazines arrive to you quicker! Try online sales. We think that you will like it!

  • Start Purchasing and Selling Now
  • All sales during the summer will count towards prizes and Tuition Rewards for your son/daughter

duckDucks are a big part of our prize program. Students with 3 online sales over the summer and received by September 1st will receive the 4″ Super Duck at the kickoff assembly. Your son/daughter is going to want one!

Families who have used the method below found selling magazines easier and those students generally sold more than anyone else with less effort. Here are some important tips:

  • When you enter the site, you will be asked for an account number. Our number is 2600526 (Hint: Write this number down)
  • Please register. Registration makes it clear when assigning prize and sales credit to a particular student. The student ID# given at registration is a failsafe for sales credit.
  • SENDING EMAILS to family friends and relatives through GAO’s secure site has proven to be the easiest way to increase sales. A personalized e-mail is sent to the recipients that you designate and puts them into our school’s selling site. If you registered, all sales son or daughter.
  • And, don’t forget, you can SHOP in this site

tution-programAnd now, with the new Tuition Rewards Program, selling over the summer helps your son/daughter to qualify for $1,000 or $2,500 in College Tuition Points to over 340 Private Colleges with as little as $100 in sales. See our website for more details.

Now, Click on this link to take you to our magazine selling site. We hope that you enjoy your experience!

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