St. Rita Newsletter vol. 46

Dear Parents,

Are you getting renewal notices from the publishers of magazines that you purchased through us last year? Here’s a way that you can renew your magazines through us and insure that profits remain at our school.

I am writing to you about St. Rita’s fall Magazine Sale. You might be wondering, what I am doing talking to you about magazine sales now. After all, we do not start our sale until the new school year begins. The reason for this email is to ask you to go to our school website and click on the link which says “Magazine Sale ( ”. This link will lead you first to a Letter/Instruction sheet (http:// which you might want to print and then to our secure magazine sales site where you can purchase new or renewal magazine subscriptions as well as invite family friends and relatives to help the cause.

I would encourage you to go to the website today. Please register your student(s). Registering makes it seamless for us in identifying and assigning sales, prize credits, and College Tuition Points to the correct students. In recent years, students who have sold the most (and with the least effort, I might add) have been using the e-mail feature where you can ask those family friends and relatives to purchase their magazines, and again, because of the registration, your son/daughter will receive proper sales and prize credit.

Also, I encourage you to also review the Tuition Rewards Program on our website ( . This is a fantastic opportunity to accumulate college tuition through our fundraising with Great American.

This year, at our kickoff assembly, we will be awarding Super Ducks to those with at least 3 Online Summer Sales completed by September 1st.

Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful summer. And visit the school website today and select the Magazine Sale link on our school website located at (http:// .