2017-18 PTO Board

Position Name
Principal Joanne Harabedian
Faculty Rep Ellen Hoffman
Parish Representative Charlene Henkelmann
President Erin Oseguera
Vice President Caitlin Guthrie
Secretary Alyssa Kilpatrick
Treasurer Nathan Cash
David Mata
Communications Michelle Andrews
Lisa Gonzales
Rochelle Siegrist
Ways and Means Stefania Bauer
Guisela Calderon
Laura Greene
Gio Guerra
Alex Herdina
Russ Jackson
Jennifer Moore
Cristal Morse
Health and Safety Annel Gloria
Jesse Gloria
Dorelli Gorocica
Timekeeper Beth Campbell
Jenny Puccinelli
Community Liaison Daniela Barragan
Wendy Watson
Room Parent Coord Ileana Barber
Melanie Wooler
Spiritual/Hospitaliy Jill Bunch
Running Bear Bunch

President: Preside at PTO General and Board Meetings. The president works closely with the school principal to assure good communication amongst all board chairs.

Vice-President: Assist the Community Liaison Committee at St. Rita School events. Preside at PTO meetings in the absence of the president. Chair the nominating committee.

Secretary: Keep minutes of the monthly PTO Board meetings and the general meetings (September and May).

Treasurers (2 individuals): Responsible for maintaining the PTO bank account and keeping accurate records of all deposits and withdrawals. Report to the PTO Board monthly on income and expenditures. Prepare and submit an annual PTO budget in May.

Health and Safety Chairpersons (2 individuals): Oversee collection and storing of emergency supply bins for each student at the start of the school year. Manage Volunteer spot to ensure there is proper coverage for safety hours. Assist with school health checks.

Ways and Means Committee (8 members serving 2 year terms): The chair along with the co-chair will work with sub-committee chairs to plan, oversee and manage school fundraising activities.

Timekeepers: (2 individuals): Help Manage Volunteerspot and/or sign up sheets for fundraising events. Timekeepers will also keep an up to date record of parent participation hours. A quarterly report is submitted to the principal.

Room Parent Chairpersons (2 individuals): Supervise room parent activities during the school year. Manage and report class funds to the treasurer and principal quarterly. Work with timekeepers to monitor parent volunteer hours. Assist the community Liaison committee with all school events.

Communications Committee (4 individuals): Work with the principal, PTO Board and teachers to create and a continuum of publicity and promotional information that include PTO fundraising flyers, banners, posters and the use of all available media such as twitter, facebook, instagram, newspaper articles and promotional ads at local high schools and community organizations.

Spiritual Chairperson: Provide support to the living faith community of the school within the parish. Begin all PTO meeting with a prayer. Manage the PTO sponsored Soup Kitchen during Lent. Set up refreshments for the PTO meetings. Work along with the Room Parent Chairs and the Community Liaison committee on school events.