The Common Core Standards at St. Rita School

St. Rita School has a long tradition of providing a rigorous academic education in an environment where faith is taught, nurtured and grown. While the Common Core State  Standards (CCSS) were created primarily for public schools, the Department of Catholic Schools within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has concluded after much research, thought and discussion that the rigor and clarity they provide will benefit all Catholic school students. Standards in Catholic education are not new. At St. Rita school there will be a shift to adding more informational text throughout the curriculum.  We strongly support CCSS because they are specifically designed to prepare all students for university readiness. The CCSS more clearly align what is taught from grade to grade in order to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for our students to continue effective collaboration and competition with their peers. St. Rita students will continue to learn how to evaluate information with a deep analysis, effectively use fact based responses and developing critical thinking skills that are geared toward the university level expectations. St. Rita students will continue to be well prepared for success in high school, college and their future careers.

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