St. Rita School Uniform

Label all Uniforms, Water Bottles, Lunch Bags, Personal Property

Regular Uniform: Worn on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


  • Navy blue pants or shorts with belt
  • Polo shirt with new school logo


  • Uniform plaid TK-3rd: skirt or jumper / 4th-8th: skirt
  • Navy blue pants or shorts with belt
  • Polo shirt with school logo

Formal Dress Uniform: Worn on Tuesday (Mass days), Special school vents, some field trips as indicated. May also be worn daily.


  • Navy blue pants
  • Oxford shirt in white or light blue with logo
  • Tie in solid navy or uniform plaid
  • Sweater or Sweater vest *No polo shirts or sweatshirts


  • Uniform plaid TK-3rd: jumper
    4th-8th: skirt with athletic shorts or leggings underneath (No skorts for grade 4th-8th)
  • Navy blue pants
  • TK-3rd: Peter pan or pointed collared shirt
  • 4th-8th: Oxford shirt in white or light blue
  • TK-3rd: Crossover tie in uniform plaid
  • 4th-8th: Tie in solid navy or uniform plaid
  • Sweater or Sweater Vest *No polo shirts or sweatshirts

P.E. Uniform: Students wear P.E. clothes to school on their designated P.E. day, unless mass.

Boys & Girls:

  • Blue P.E. shirt
  • Blue P.E. shorts with school logo
  • Athletic Shoes (any color for P.E. only)
  • Girls: Sports Bra (as needed)
  • Optional: Navy uniform sweatshirt/sweatpants with school logo

Outerwear: May be worn on all days (No sweatshirts on Tuesday- Mass days)

Boys & Girls:

  • Navy vest, cardigan or v-neck pullover sweater with new school logo
  • Navy uniform sweatshirt with new school logo
  • Navy fleece or nylon jacket with new school logo
  • Royal blue jacket with athletic logo
  • Navy blue blazer (optional)



  • Traditional, conservative hairstyles; no dyed, bleached hair, highlighted, spiked, fade, undercut, or extreme hairstyles.
  • Hair must be neatly groomed away from their face, off the collar, above the ears, neatly trimmed around the neck and not covering the eyebrows.
  • No earrings allowed.
  • Watches allowed. (no apple watches)


  • Traditional, conservative hairstyles; Hair pulled back out of the student’s face, no extensions, no dyed, bleached or highlighted hair.
  • One single-stud pierced earring per ear (bottom earlobe), one ring, necklace, or bracelet
  • No makeup or colored nail polish. No tips, gels or acrylics, etc.
  • Watches allowed. (no apple watches)

Special Notes:

  1. All skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be worn no higher than 1” above the knee.
  2. Athletic shorts or leggings must be worn under skirts.
  3. Pants/shorts must be twill with a belt loop. No Dickeis, cargo, baggy/oversized, faded or torn pants.
  4. All belts must be black, navy or dark brown.
  5. All shirts must be one of the following colors: white, gray, light blue or navy blue. All shirts must be worn tucked in at all times.
  6. Polo shirts must have the new school logo.
  7. All socks must be white, black, or navy blue. Socks must be crew socks, covering the ankle. May have a simple logo. (NO STRIPES)

Girls: Optional: Solid black, navy or white tights

  1. All shoes/athletic shoes in predominantly one of the following colors: blue, black, grey or white; solid laces to match shoe color. (NO PATTERNS; NO SLIP-ONS) No Boots or sandals.
  2. Uniform sweatshirts must have the school logo and may be personalized. (No hoodies or other non-uniform sweatshirts allowed.)

All uniform items are available at:
*Kyrie Design 40 E. Foothill Blvd. Arcadia, CA 91006; (626) 272-0680/
*CKW School Uniforms 9668 E. Las Tunas Dr., Temple; (626) 287-1994/