Planet Bravo

PlanetBravo is proud to join St. Rita School this year as the technology curriculum and instruction provider. Since 2003, PlanetBravo has been providing advanced technology lessons to students throughout Los Angeles and beyond. Each grade level is presented with a theme of the year to help guide the many uses of technology. TK is our year of “Coordination” as we mostly focus on how the mouse and keyboard work on an actual operating system such as Mac. Kindergarten’s theme is “Introduction” where we address some of the most important basic skills of computing today (word processing, graphics, basic navigation, etc). First Grade experiences the theme of “Integration,” where we play academic games tied to their classroom lessons in language arts and mathematics, as well as learn bigger word processing skills while performing language arts lessons on the computer. Second Grade is our year of “Creation,” where the students dive deep into creation tools on the Mac. It gets serious in Third Grade when we discuss “Exploration” and all the important skills of computing while searching for answers. Fourth Grade is our year of “Communication.” You can imagine the skills needed to communicate properly through web design, coding, email, and much more. Fifth Grade’s theme is “Presentation” where the students tackle each project by keeping their presentation in mind. Middle School’s theme is “Imagination” as the students jump from one advanced project to the next being creative and exploratory.

Every grade level has units beyond the theme, including Coding and Digital Citizenship.

You may see the lesson outlines for each grade here: